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How To Play NXT Fantasy Wrestling

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Please activate your account and subscribe on Note that is a different Website from, however you will use the same login for both sites and to subscribe.

Welcome to DropTheBelt NXT Fantasy Wrestling.

If you love watching NXT and WWE NXT Network Specials then the DropTheBelt NXT Fantasy Wrestling Game is for you. Our extensive Rule Book not only gives you points for winning matches, you can stack up points for Backstage Beatdown, hitting someone with a Foreign Object, even putting someone through the Announcer Table.  There a tons of ways to score points and have a great time while watching WWE events. Check out the full Rule Book! Need help? Send us a message.


DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling now includes leagues for WWE, NXT and AEW. After the Subscription process you get a choice of leagues to spend your Brand Token on. You can join from 1 to 3 leagues depending on your subscription choice.


We designed the game to be played with a group of at least 2 friends. If you want to play solo you can join our Exclusive NXT Matchmaking Game where you go head-to-head with other DropTheBelt Members. Matchmade Leagues consist of 4 teams of 5 Superstars per team. In the Options you can set the amount of teams in your league and how many wrestlers you prefer on each team. Your League size is Customizable.


Step 1: Set the League and Team size.

You have the option to have up to 20 Teams. Just remember, there are only so many wrestlers on the roster. Recommended 40 Wrestlers split between teams for the current NXT Roster.


Click on the Fantasy Leagues tab at the top of the Home Page.

Scroll down to 'Start a new league!' and click Join a match-made league.

Now it’s time to choose your Team Name. Be creative and make a statement.

Once you receive your Draft Time you are ready to go.

From the Fantasy Leagues page you will find your League Home Page listed. Click the link and you will see your Draft Time. Directly under the draft time “Go to draft page” is listed.

If you are unable to draft your team at the scheduled time, DropTheBelt’s Exclusive Draft System allows you to preselect your draft order. You do not have to be available when the draft is LIVE. The computer will draft in the order you have already preselected.

Choose the wrestlers in the order you want to draft them with 1 being the first pick and so on. Place the number in the box to the left of the wrestler’s picture then click SAVE to secure your selection.

If you wish to draft your roster LIVE and it is your scheduled Draft Time you are ready to select your roster.

Once your Draft is complete your league will begin getting points after every show.

Matchmaking leagues start when 4 members have joined. Each team will have 8 wrestlers each. The league will end at the end of the season.


Custom Leagues:The league Commissioner will set the date and time for your draft.

Matchmaking Leagues: Draft the following Saturday at 1PM PDT after the 4th person joins the

If you are unable to draft your team at the scheduled time, DropTheBelt’s Exclusive Draft System allows you to preselect your draft order. You do not have to be available when the draft is LIVE. The computer will draft in the order you have already preselected.

Team Names can be edited at any time by going to your teams page.

For Custom Leagues: When you have created your league of at least 2 teams, click activate and watch your teams start earning points. As a Commissioner you pay the monthly fee and invite your friends to sign up as a Member of DropTheBelt to play with you for free. They must have a verifiable email to become a Member.

DropTheBelt NXT Fantasy Wrestling automatically keeps score and the results are posted on the same night of the show.  Results from any show can be checked on the DropTheBelt NXT Results page. Click on the show and date to see the full results.


You can be notified via Twitter (in addition to email) of your draft time by going to “edit your profile,” enter your twitter screen name, check yes to “Tweet me league updates?” click save and you’re ready to go. Follow @DropTheBelt on Twitter to keep up with Fantasy Wrestling news and updates.


NXT Premiere Season is from USA Network Premiere 9/18/2019 to (Final Network Special 2019) 12/14/2019

ATTENTION: You can start a league anytime during a season, but your season will end at the dates listed above.

*During the Premiere Season of NXT on DropTheBelt all dates are subject to change as we aim for the end of the season to be a Takeover/Network Special in December. This is brand new for us too and we don’t know how WWE plans to schedule events. Stay tuned!


  • NXT Window Closes Wednesday 4 PM PT. Opens Thursday 10 AM PT.
  • 205Live Window Closes Friday 4 PM PT. Opens Saturday 10 AM PT.
  • *During a PPV the trade window will close during the PPV and reopen immediately after the results are finalized.


The Trade Window allows you to make trades between your roster and wrestlers that are not on any other team in your league. During valid trade hours team owners will be able to pick up any wrestler (not on another team) by using the Trade Button on your roster. You will be directed to a page of open wrestlers to select from. This system is first come first served during the trade window open hours.


While the trade window is closed you queue up a trade to be processed as soon as the trade window opens.  Just remember: Last Place Gets First Pick!

Good luck with your season and have fun playing DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling.

More questions? Check out the DropTheBelt FAQ.

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